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Chiropractic services


Gentle, Quick, Effective Adjusting 

Dr. Choi practices a diversified method of adjusting, meaning that he will utilize a variety of adjusting techniques to ensure the most beneficial technique is being utilized for the patient. He will take his time to find the specific segment and region that needs to be adjusted to give you the most relief. He focuses on making sure to apply an adjustment that is comfortable for the patient while still being effective. He will focus on the areas of your complaint but will also look for any underlying dysfunction that may be the cause of your problem. He is dedicated to finding the true cause of your dysfunction. 

The adjustment takes between 3-5 minutes and will consist of full spine and problem focused adjusting. He also specializes in extremity adjusting and will manipulate any problems you may have in your extremities (ankles, wrists, hips, shoulders, elbows, knees, etc.).

If you prefer not to be adjusted manually and find adjustments to be uncomfortable, Choice Chiropractic also utilizes Arthrostim Adjustments. Similar to Activator adjusting, they utilize an adjusting instrument (shown in the left bottom image) to deliver a quick and precise adjustment without the big pops and cracks. 

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