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PT Modalities

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Cupping is utilized to help increase blood flow and circulation to help rid the body of toxins and harmful inflammation that may be present in the body. They work by lifting the skin off of the muscle creating a pathway for circulation. Cupping can also be utilized with movement to increase range of motion and decrease pain with movement. 


Mulligan is a technique that utilizes sustained traction to correct tracking problems and positional faults in joints. Mulligan technique is a great way to restore movement to joints and promotes a pain free range of motion so that you can return to doing the things you love. 



McKenzie is utilized to assist in disc related conditions of the spine that may be causing radiating pain down your arms or legs. It helps by repetitively applying sustained postural loading on specific segments of the spine where discs may be damaged to promote disc reabsorption. This will then help to reduce the load on the nerves, reducing any radiating symptoms that you may be experiencing. ​


Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization uses tools to break up scar tissue and help remodel muscles and fascia in the proper orientation. When injury occurs, tissue will heal incorrectly, leading to a decrease in range of motion which then leads to improper movement patterns and in turn decreased function and increased pain. ​

Kinesiology Tape

Kinesiology tape is utilized at the end of treatment to help your body hold the corrected position that you have obtained with treatment. The tape provides proprioceptive feedback to your body so that when it tries to return to improper postural faults the tape will give your body the necessary feedback to correct itself. The tape also acts on the underlying tissue by lifting the skin to provide increased circulation and blood flow to promote faster recovery. ​

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Physiotherapy Modalities

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